Agile interview Questions and Answers

Agile interview Questions and Answers

Top Agile Interview Questions and answers: Here, we highlight some common questions you might be asked during a job interview for Agile and Business-related positions. All the best for your interview Preparation.

As a tester what should be your approach when requirements change continuously?

List out the pros and cons of exploratory testing (used in Agile) and scripted testing?

Explain the difference between Extreme programming and Scrum?

What is an epic, user stories and task?

Explain what is re-factoring?

Explain how you can measure the velocity of the sprint with varying team capacity?

Mention the key difference between sprint backlog and product backlog?

In Agile mention what is the difference between the Incremental and Iterative development?

Explain what is Spike and Zero sprint in Agile? What is the purpose of it?

What is test driven development?

Prototypes and Wireframes are widely used as part of?

Explain what is Application Binary Interface?

Explain in Agile, burn-up and burn-down chart?

Explain what is Scrum ban?

What is story points/efforts/ scales?

Explain what is tracer bullet?

What is a test stub?

What are the differences between RUP (Rational Unified Process) and Scrum methodologies?

Why Continuous Integration is important for Agile?

What testing is done during Agile?

Explain what is Velocity in Agile?

What are the qualities of a good Agile tester should have?

Who are all involved in the Agile team?

Mention in detail what are the roles of Scrum Master?

Mention what are the Agile quality strategies?

Mention what are the Tools that can be useful for screenshots while working on Agile projects?

Mention what are the advantages of maintaining consistent iteration length throughout the project?

If a timebox plan needs to be reprioritized who should re-prioritise it?

Mention what should a burndown chart should highlight?

Mention what is the difference between Scrum and Agile?

Mention what are the challenges involved in AGILE software development?

When not to use Agile?

Explain how can you implement scrum in an easy way to your project?

Explain what does it mean by product roadmap?