Business Objects Interview Questions and Answers

Business Objects Interview Questions and Answers

SAP BO is a reporting and business Analytics BI Platform. Business Objects allows you to transform the data in databases into information that allows you to make better decisions.

What is a Business Object?

What are the advantages of using business objects?

What are the different products related with Business Objects?

What are the Data Integrator Transforms?

What are cleansing packages?

What is Data cleanse?

Can you explain Designer?

Explain modes associated with designer and business objects?

Explain methods related with multidimensional analysis that is inside business objects?

Explain users associated with business objects?

What are the various data sources available?

What are the data providers?

What are the utilities of Derived tables?

Explain user Objects?

What are the @functions?

What is the use of rows per commit?

What is the purpose of @functions?

How many domains are there in Business Objects? What are they?

What are factors for performance tuning in data services?

How to access one derived table from another?

Can you explain drill mode?

Can you define personal connection?

Can you explain Shared connection?

Can you explain secured connection?

Can you explain custom hierarchies?

Explain how can custom Hierarchies be created?

What is Heirarchy Flatenning?

Can you explain context in the universe?

What are the differences between row-by-row select and cached comparison table and sorted input in table comparison transform?

Explain how can Contexts be created?

Can you define Chasm Trap?

Explain how can Chasm Trap be solved?

Can you define Slice in Business Objects?

What is strategies?

What is universe?

What is the difference between Dice and Slice?

Can you define master/detail report?

Can you define class?

Explain how many approaches are there for linking universes?

Can you explain data mining?

What are the available Drill modes?

Can you define aggregate_awarness?

What is the term fan trap?

Can you define Data provider?

What is context?

What is Slice in Business Objects?

Can you explain Channel?

Can you define standard mode?

What are the schemas supported by Business Objects Designer?

What are the different kinds of data providers?