Desktop Support Interview Questions and Answers

Desktop Support Interview Questions and Answers

Tell me about yourself?

What is an operating system(OS)?

What are the different types of OSs?

Can you define Safe Mode?

Can you explain Blue Screen of Death?

Can you explain VPN Server?

Can you explain IAS Server?

Can you define forward and reverse lookup in DNS?

Explain Can I add a system to a domain? How?

Tell me, Which Windows OS are you most comfortable with?

Do you know Which command is used to check IP configuration?

Can you explain Active Directory?

What are ‘A’ record and ‘MX record?

Can you explain default gateway?

Can you define OU?

Can you explain DHCP?

Can you explain RAS Server?

Explain, how will you install operating system in more than 50 PC at a time when the all PCs having same configuration?

How you can take backup of emails in MS Outlook?

What is the SysWOW64 folder?

How can you convert FAT file system into NTFS file system?

What is the use of the BOOT.ini file?

What is the use of trace route?

What is the use of Ping command?

What is SMTP server or POP server?

Tell me, how to go straight to your desktop when you reboot rather than having to login every time you reboot or turn on your computer on?

Explain ,have you undertaken other duties beyond the scope of your work?

What is NTLDR Error?

What is the use of IPCONFIG command?

How would you change folder permissions?


Explain ,What is a difference between a Switch and a Hub?

Explain, how would you recover data from Virus infected computer?

How can you fix a slow running computer?