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The passion for education is always, and the path to lead is shown up on this website.

Our Website was designed and developed to provide the best practice material for the various examinations and interviews. There are several exams conducted every year in the nation for different motives related to its recruitment, education, career perspective etc.

The website will provide the best possible path to move in the career. The preparation for the exams and interview is the main aim for the applicant. Our material is the source of knowledge for the interviews and exams, the questions are being placed, the type of questions and pattern etc.

This question and answers help to test once before the exam so that the confidence will boost up. After all, education is the thing that matters in today’s world, so to prepare various people, the old question papers are made available here.

Our Website-InterviewGIG

We aim to provide some resources as possible for learning. These resources include:

Interview Questions and Answers: To learn the best interview questions in the IT and non-IT field. (The world’s leading companies)

Engineering: Engineering-related interview topics and project experiences.

Articles: Latest technology news and IT & Non-IT-based Articles.

How to: How to solve anything you want. Tips and tricks related to interviewing based and IT.

Discussion Room: In the Discussion Room, post specific problems or questions you have about your interview, Software Related or your code. Hopefully, someone will be able to help you out! If you got something out of here, please contribute back and help others.

Free Online Courses : You can find 100%OF Udemy Coupons and Free Courses

Write for Us: We welcome guest authors.

Are you passionate about writing? Do you want to write to us? Welcome to submit a guest post at our website. We are looking forward to seeing some new guest authors on the blog. (We will only publish a unique article and a free article)

See more: Guidelines for Article Submission 

Drop us an email at, and we will revert to you.

Our team

We are a group of passionate IT professionals. We are experienced in various startups in the Social Media, entertainment, SEO, IT Recruiting (USA) and IT industries.

Our Vision

To make learning easy and interesting and accessible to millions of learners across the globe.

The final word

We are confident to improve your IT skills. We only provide articles, Interview Questions, and information, we never ask for personal or private information like addresses or credit card numbers or details.

—-Help us to correct errors—

We are working very hard to make this Web site interesting, useful, and correct. If you find any errors or broken links while surfing our website, please tell us about it. To notify us about errors, please send an e-mail to 

Terms and Conditions:

By using InterviewGIG’s services, you agree to our terms. We provide job interview guidance and job listings. Content is for informational purposes only. We don’t guarantee any job placement.
Some of the logos, brands, trademarks, and images featured on this website are strictly used for identification purposes and remain the property of their respective companies. Our use is in accordance with fair use principles, and we do not claim any ownership or association with them.
Users are responsible for their actions and data accuracy. We may update terms, so review periodically.

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