Best Agile Methodology Interview Questions

Best Agile Methodology Interview Questions

What is Agile?

What are the powerful agile metrics?

What are values and principles guide the Agile method (Agile Manifesto Purpose)?

When not to use Agile?

What kind of projects are fit for Agile?

What is the difference between Burn Up and Burn down charts in Agile?

Can you explain, how to know that you are using agile development?

What is difference Between Product Backlog and Sprint backlog?

What is the DoD?

What is the Continuous Integration? Why it is important for agile?

What do you understand by Daily Stand-Up?

Can you explain Build Breaker?

What is TDD?

What is FDD?

What is the duration of a scrum sprint?

What is Sprint Length?

What is an Increment?

What is the difference between agile & scrum?

What is Definition of Done in Agile?

What is Scrum-ban in Agile?

Can you explain User story, theme, Epic, Task, and Sub Task?

Agile Interview Questions for freshers

What are the Characteristics of a user story?

Can you explain Planning Poker?

What is Pair Programming in Agile?

What is meaning of DAD?

What is AUP?

What is SAFe?

What is Extreme Programming in Agile?

What are the twelve practices for XP ?

Can you define tracer bullet?

Do you know about Sashimi?

What do you know about Regression Testing?

What is Impact Analysis?

What is Acceptance Testing in Agile?

What are the square measures the principles of agile testing?

What are the major agile quality strategies?

What are the agile-scrum certifications?

What are the most used agile development frameworks?

What are tools for Agile Project Management?