Microservices Interview Questions and Answers

Microservices Interview Questions and Answers

Microservices or Microservice Architecture (MSA), is a one of the method of software systems development. It is an approach to application development in which a large application is built as a suite of modular components or services. Micro Service is independently deployable service modelled around a business domain. It is a method of breaking large software applications into loosely coupled modules, in which each service runs a unique process and communicates through APIs. It can be developed using messaging or event-driven APIs, or using non-HTTP backed RPC mechanisms.

Can you explain Microservices?

What are the features of Micro services?

How does Microservice Architecture work?

What are the pros of Spring Cloud?

What Netflix projects did we use?

How will you monitor multiple microservices for various indicators like Health?

What is the difference between Service Registration and Discovery?

What are the Pros of Microservices?

Can you explain the Design patterns for microservices?

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Can you explain the spring batch framework with respect to Microservices?

How to achieve server side load balancing using Spring Cloud?

Can you explain Consumer-Driven Contract?

Can you define OAuth?

Can you define SOA?

Can you define DRY?

Can you define Eureka?

Can you explain Spring Cloud?

Can you define CQRS?

Can you define Conway’s law?

Can you define service registry?

How do you setup Service Discovery?

Can you explain Continuous Monitoring?

Can you explain Semantic monitoring?

Can you explain Continuous Integration?

Can you explain DDD?

What is Contract Testing?

Can you define pact?

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Can you explain Canary Releasing?

Can you explain Cross-Functional testing?

Can you explain Cross-Browser Testing?

Can you explain Component testing?

What is the importance of Web, RESTful APIs?

How do you access a restful Microservice?

Can you explain service discovery in microservice architecture?

Can you explain shed light on Tasklet with reference to Spring Batch and Microservices?

Which companies are using Microservices?

What are the cons of Microservices?