SAP Business One Interview Questions and Answers

SAP Business One Interview Questions and Answers

SAP Business One Interview Questions :SAP Business One is business management software (ERP) designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, sold by the German company SAP SE. As an ERP solution, it aims to automate key business functions in financials, operations, and human resources. The SAP Business One is an affordable, small business software management application that helps you run your entire business, including financials, sales, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management, and operations, all in a single system. Business decision makers of small and midsize companies can leverage SAP Business One to automate business processes and deliver an accurate and unified picture of critical business information across all functional business areas. This complete visibility into sales, finance, purchasing, inventory and manufacturing, among others, enables business decision makers to make confident decisions, thus increasing the profitability of the business, and achieving new levels of control.

SAP B1 was originally developed by Top Manage Financial Systems, a company based in Israel, and was acquired and rebranded by SAP in 2002. More functionality has been added to SAP B1 from acquisitions made by SAP. A reporting and budgeting function called XL Reporter was acquired from the iLytix Systems AS, based in Norway, in 2005. SAP acquired Praxis Software Solutions, based in Minneapolis, 2006 and integrated its Web-based CRM and e-commerce functions into SAP B1. The acquisition allowed SAP to reach out to the small market through its partners and also to gain additional business from the smaller subsidiaries of its enterprise customers. Fastest growing ERP application. Winner of the 2017 Rebooted Software Excellence Award in the category Enterprise Accounting/ERP.

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Why SAP Business One?

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What is difference between AP or A/P and AR or A/R?

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What is MRP?

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What Is DBDatasource?

What is used in SDK for developing a form?

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What will happen if we remove event filters?

Which tool is provided by SAP for keeping the track of events?

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