What Do You Know About Our Company?-15 Sample Answers

In this article, we’re unlocking the secrets to acing the common interview question, “What do you know about our company?” We’ll explore effective strategies to craft a standout response, sharing essential interview tips along the way. Plus, we’ve prepared 15 sample answers tailored to top companies, ensuring you make a memorable impression in your next job interview. Let’s dive in!

First, Understand How to Answer This Question Effectively.

When asked about the company during an interview or networking opportunity, it’s crucial to provide a concise yet informative response that showcases your knowledge and interest in the organization.

Here are some tips on how to answer this question effectively.

First – Do your research: Before the interview, take some time to research the company (The company for which you’re applying). This includes browsing their website, reading news articles about them, and checking their social media presence. Look for information about their:

  • Industry: What sector do they operate in?
  • Products or services: What do they offer?
  • Target market: Who are their customers?
  • Mission and values: What do they stand for?

Recent news and developments: Are there any recent events or announcements you should be aware of?

Focus on specifics: When answering the question, avoid generic statements like “I’ve heard great things about your company.” Instead, highlight specific details you learned during your research.

Show enthusiasm: Express your genuine interest in the company and its work.

Demonstrate Alignment: Connect your knowledge of the company with your own skills, experiences, and career goals. Highlight how your background and interests align with the company’s values and objectives.

Ask a question: End your answer by asking a thoughtful question about the company. This shows you’re engaged and eager to learn more.

Practice Your Response: Rehearse your answer to ensure clarity and confidence. Practice delivering your response naturally, without sounding rehearsed or scripted.

Here are 15 leading companies, along with sample answers for freshers to understand each company.


“Thank you for the opportunity. I’ve done extensive research on Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and am impressed by its global standing as a leading IT services and consulting firm. TCS has earned its reputation by offering a comprehensive range of services, from consulting to IT outsourcing. The company is at the forefront of innovation, particularly in digital transformation and cloud services.

TCS has a strong commitment to client satisfaction, and its diverse client base is a testament to its success. I’m also aware of TCS’s emphasis on corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and fostering a culture of continuous learning for its employees. I believe that TCS’s values align well with my own, and I am enthusiastic about the prospect of contributing to such a dynamic and forward-thinking organization.”

# Infosys

“I’ve been impressed by Infosys’ journey from a pioneering IT services company to a leader in digital transformation. Its global presence, with a strong foundation in India, and its commitment to innovation, particularly through initiatives like the Infosys Finacle platform, showcase its dedication to client success. My personal passion for [mention relevant skill] aligns well with Infosys’ expertise in [mention specific area], and I’m particularly interested in learning more about how your teams are tackling the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape.”

# Wipro

“Wipro’s strong presence in the IT and consulting space, particularly its expertise in [mention a specific area relevant to the role, e.g., cloud computing, digital transformation], has always been impressive. I’m particularly interested in learning more about [mention a specific project or initiative you found interesting] and how it aligns with my own skills in [mention relevant skill]. Wipro’s commitment to [mention a value you admire, e.g., sustainability, employee development] further resonates with my own values, making it an exciting company to potentially be a part of.”

# Deloitte

“While I’m still new to the professional world, I’ve been learning about Deloitte’s reputation as a leading professional services firm. Its diverse range of services, from audit and tax to consulting and risk advisory, is truly impressive. I’m particularly interested in [mention a specific service line relevant to your interest, e.g., technology consulting] and how it helps clients navigate the complex business landscape.”

# Accenture

I’ve been following Accenture’s work for a while, especially its focus on digital stuff and helping businesses transform. It’s clear you’re at the forefront of the industry, which is exciting. I was particularly interested in [mention a specific project or area], which aligns with my background in [mention your relevant skill or experience]. I’m curious to learn more about how Accenture tackles these challenges and how I could contribute.”


“As someone passionate about technology, I’ve always admired IBM’s legacy and contributions to the field. From its pioneering hardware innovations to its recent focus on AI and cloud computing, IBM consistently pushes boundaries. I’m eager to learn more about [mention a specific area of interest, e.g., quantum computing] and explore how IBM is shaping the future of technology.”

# Oracle

“I understand Oracle is a major player in the software industry, particularly known for its database solutions. Its commitment to enterprise software development aligns with my interest in [mention relevant skill or area, e.g., data management]. I’d love to learn more about how Oracle’s technology helps organizations achieve their goals and how I could potentially contribute to that mission.”

# Genpact

“I’ve been researching Genpact’s expertise in business process management and digital transformation. Its focus on helping companies achieve operational excellence aligns with my interest in [mention relevant skill, e.g., process improvement]. I’m curious to learn more about [mention specific service area, e.g., automation] and how Genpact utilizes technology to optimize processes.”

# LTIMindtree

“LTIMindtree’s reputation as a global technology consulting company has impressed me, particularly its focus on [mention specific area relevant to the role, e.g., next-gen technologies, digital core modernization]. I’m eager to learn more about how LTIMindtree leverages its expertise to help clients [mention specific benefit, e.g., adapt to the changing tech landscape] and how my skills in [mention relevant skill] could contribute to that mission.”

# Tech Mahindra Ltd

“Tech Mahindra’s commitment to digital transformation and its focus on areas like [mention specific areas relevant to the role, e.g., 5G, cloud solutions] resonate with my passion for [mention relevant skill or area, e.g., emerging technologies]. I’m curious to learn more about how Tech Mahindra tackles these challenges and the opportunities for growth within the company, especially for individuals with skills in [mention relevant skill].”


“HCL’s diverse range of services, from IT infrastructure to digital transformation, has caught my attention. It seems well-positioned to address the evolving needs of businesses in today’s world. I’m particularly interested in learning more about [mention specific area relevant to your interest, e.g., cloud computing, application development] and how HCL utilizes its expertise to help clients achieve their goals.”

# MphasiS Ltd.

“MphasiS’ focus on combining IT infrastructure with application development and consulting services intrigues me. This holistic approach seems to enable them to provide comprehensive solutions for their clients. I’m curious to learn more about [mention specific project or service, e.g., DX transformation services] and how MphasiS leverages its expertise to deliver value to its clients.”

# Cognizant

“Cognizant’s global presence and its commitment to innovation in areas like AI and digital experience solutions are impressive. As someone interested in [mention relevant skill or area, e.g., digital marketing], I’m eager to learn more about how Cognizant utilizes these technologies to help clients thrive in the digital age. I believe my skills in [mention relevant skill] could potentially contribute to this mission.”

# Capgemini

“Through my research, I’ve gained a deep respect for Capgemini’s established position as a global leader in consulting, digital transformation, and technology services. I’m particularly impressed by the company’s commitment to [mention a specific value, e.g., fostering human potential through technology]. My academic background in [mention relevant field] has equipped me with a strong foundation in [mention relevant skills], and I’m specifically interested in learning more about [mention a specific area relevant to the role, e.g., cloud computing, AI] and how Capgemini leverages these technologies to empower its clients.”

# Microsoft

“As a technology enthusiast, I’ve closely followed Microsoft’s remarkable journey and contributions to the software industry. From its foundational operating systems to its cutting-edge advancements in cloud computing and artificial intelligence, Microsoft consistently demonstrates its commitment to innovation. I’m particularly intrigued by [mention a specific area of interest, e.g., Azure cloud platform] and its potential to shape the future of technology. I’m eager to learn more about potential opportunities at Microsoft to contribute to this mission and leverage my skills in [mention relevant skill] to create a positive impact.”

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