Sharepoint Interview Questions and Answers

Sharepoint Interview Questions and Answers

Top Sharepoint Interview Questions and Answers: Below, we have covered detailed answers to the Share Point Interview Questions Which will be helpful to freshers and experienced Professionals. All the best for your interview Preparation.

What do you mean by MOSS?

Explain SPSite?

Explain Site template?

What are the various classes in Server Object Model from development point of view?

Which class is used to retrieve data from multiple lists?

What do you mean by WSP?

How is Allow Unsafe Updates used?

Which is better - SPS or STS?

Name the various input forms that can be created for a workflow?

What are the various zones in SharePoint?

Explain Farm in SharePoint?

Explain Web Application?

Differentiate between WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007?

Explain BDC?

Explain BCS?

Explain Content types in Sharepoint?

Differentiate between Library vs List?

What are the various types of input forms that can be created for a workflow?

Explain Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server?

Explain Custom action?

Explain Module in Share point?

Explain an ancestral type. How is it related to content types?

Explain Event receiver?

What tools can be used to back up a SharePoint 2010 environment?

Differentiate between Custom Master Url & Master Url?

What do you mean by Field Control?

What is CAML?

Explain Site definition

Explain ONET.xml

Explain SP Web

What is the difference between the Sharepoint Web-Part and ASP.NET 2.0 Web-Part base class?

What is the function of Global Assembly Cache in Share point?

Explain the CreateChildControls() method with an example