SCCM Interview Questions and Answers

SCCM Interview Questions and Answers


What is a SCCM?

What are the Site System Roles in Configuration manager 2012?

What are the main features of SCCM?

What are the Common Ports used for SCCM?

What’s new in SCCM 1910?

How to verify SCCM Secondary Site Installation?

What are the Global Conditions?

What is Site Server in SCCM?

Can you explain discovery methods in SCCM?

What are the discovery methods in SCCM?

Can you explain Primary Site in SCCM?

Can you explain Secondary site in SCCM?

How to backup SCCM Server?

SCCM Interview Questions

Can you explain Server Locator Point?

What is Asset tracking?

What do you know about Fallback status Point?

What is Delta Discovery?

Can you explain Heartbeat Discovery method?

Can you explain Network Discovery?

What is BITS in SCCM?

How to take remote control of the client computer using SCCM console?

How to speed up software advertisement by forcing policy retrieval & evaluation cycle?

How to Launch Configuration Manager client?

How to Check WMI Repo / Repair WMI Repo?

How to add details to a custom hardware inventory?

Which log file is used to referred for client installation?

Can you explain, how to transfer the data between the client and the SCCM server?

Can you explain, how to examine the condition of the WSUS server?

What is Azure AD device identity?

How to extend Migrate SCCM To Azure?

What are the different types of client installations?

What are the SCCM client distribution methods?

What are the clint installation Error Codes in SCCM?