VB Script Interview Questions and Answers

VB Script Interview Questions and Answers

Top VB Script Interview Questions and Answers: Below, we have covered detailed answers to the VB Script Interview Questions Which will be helpful to freshers and experienced Professionals. All the best for your interview Preparation.

Explain VBScript in detail?

What are string functions in VBScript?

What is event handling?

How you define option explicit in Vbscript?

Can you pass optional arguments to function in Vbscript?

What is hta extension?

How is variable declared in VbScript?

What is Variant data type in VbScript?

How you define parametarization in VbScript?

What is the difference between Dim, Public and Private statements?

What are varient?

Explain about SCRRUN.DLL?

Give me examples where Vb Script can directly run on users system with windows as os?

What is event handling in Vbscript?

Explain about operator precedence in VBScript?

Explain about .wsf files?

Explain about the extension .hta?

Explain few date functions in VBScript

Explain about Tristate constants in VBScript?

Explain about the functionality of VBScript?

Explain about arrays in VB Script?

Explain about scrrun.dll?

Explain about ADODB.Stream class?