.Net Assembly Interview Questions and Answers

.Net Assembly Interview Questions and Answers

Top .Net Assembly Interview Questions and Answers: Below, we have covered detailed answers to the .Net Assembly Interview Questions Which will be helpful to freshers and experienced Professionals. All the best for your interview Preparation.

What is an assembly?

Name the different components of an assembly.

What are the different types of assemblies? Explain them in detail.

Can one DLL file contain the compiled code of more than one .NET language?

What is the maximum number of classes that can be contained in a DLL file?

What is a satellite assembly?

Is versioning applicable to private assemblies?

What is metadata?

What is Assembly Manifest?

What is the value of the Copy Local property when you add an assembly in the GAC?

What is Native Image Generator?

Name the MSIL Disassembler utility that parses any .NET Framework assembly and shows the information in human readable format

What is the significance of the Strong Name tool?

How can different versions of private assemblies be used in the same application without a re-build?

What is Global Assembly Cache (GAC)?

Where is the information regarding the version of the assembly stored?

Discuss the concept of strong names

What is the difference between .EXE and .DLL files?

Which utility allows you to reference an assembly in an application?

The AssemblyInfo.cs file stores the assembly configuration information and other information, such as the assembly name, version, company name, and trademark information. (True/False).

What is Namespace?

Explain About using Directive?

What is an application domain?

What is an assembly in Microsoft.Net?

What is Global Assembly Cache?

What is Strong Name?

What is Assembly Manifest?

What are the functions An Assembly manifest do?

List out the contents of assembly manifest?

List out the contents of Assembly?

Explain the grouping of elements in to an assembly?

When multifile assemblies required?

What is MetaData?

What kind of information stored in Metadata?