SAP EWM Interview Questions and Answers

SAP EWM Interview Questions and Answers

Below, we have listed all the Top SAP EWM interview Questions and Answers for freshers& Experienced. All the best for your interview Preparation.

Explain SAP Extended Warehouse Management EWM?

What are the different deployment options in EWM?

What are the different Organizational units in Warehouse Management?

What is Storage bin?

What is the use of Activity areas in Storage bin?

What is Quant?

What are the structure elements in a Warehouse management?

What is the highest unit and smallest unit in a Warehouse structure?

What is a storage section? Provide examples of storage section?

What is Work Center in a Warehouse?

Where do you use Work Centers in Warehouse processes?

What are different Warehouse process types in SAP EWM system?

What are Value Added Services in Warehouse management?

What are the different components in a Value-Added Order?

Where do you manage Packaging specifications?

What do you understand by Stock Removal Strategy?

What do you understand by Denial Scenario in Outbound Delivery system?

When do you use Denial scenario in outbound delivery in EWM system?

What is Storage Control?

What are the different types of Storage Control?

What is pick pack and pass of goods in EWM system?

What is the difference between System Controlled and User Controlled Pick, pack and pass of goods?

What is Replenishment in SAP EWM?

What are common Control fields in Replenishment?

What is Planned Replenishment and Order Replenishment?

What is automatic and direct Replenishment?

Why do you use Physical inventor in SAP EWM?

What are the different type of Physical inventory?

What are the different Physical inventory procedures supported in SAP system?

What is an Ad-hoc Physical inventory?

What is Slotting process in EWM? What are different parameters used in Slotting?

What is Direct and Indirect labor?

What is Expected Good Receipts?

What is Cross docking in SAP EWM system? Why do we use Cross docking?

What the different types are of cross docking?

What is the use of RF framework in EWM system? What are the functions that can be performed using RF framework?