SAP ERP Interview Questions and Answers

SAP ERP Interview Questions and Answers

SAP ERP Interview Questions  : ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning.ERP System just by considering name we can simply define ERP as System or software that used to manage all the resources of whole enterprise. Right from employee payments to single screw coming into the enterprise, everything can be managed & tracked by using ERP Systems. ERP is a cross functional software that supports all the business processes within the organization.

In organization, ERP helps to manage business processes of various departments & functions through centralized application. We can make all the major decisions by screening the information provided by ERP.There are many vendors in market which are providing traditional ERP solutions or Cloud based ERP solutions. Though implementation platforms or technologies are different, there are common & basic modules of ERP which can be found in any ERP System. Depending on organizations need required components are integrated & customized ERP system is formed.

What is ERP?

What are the important SAP ERP Modules?

How can an ERP analyst improve the speed of an ERP implementation?

What are the different types of ERP's?

What are the SAP Basics feature Configuration of the SAP modules

What Is an ERP project team?

What are pooled tables?

What is AWB?

What is the difference between OLAP and Data Mining?

What is BEX?

What are the standard stages of the SAP Payment Run?

What are Metadata, Transaction data, and Master Data?

What is Extractor?

Explain the concept of business content in SAP business information warehouse?


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What is IDES?

What is the significance of ODS in BW?

Explain Customization in ERP?

What are pooled tables?

What is the ERP Life Cycle?

What are the benefits of an ERPsystem?