Oracle SOA Interview Questions and Answers

Oracle SOA Interview Questions and Answers

Oracle SOA Interview Questions:

Introduction to ORACLE SOA:

In computing, Oracle SOA Suite is a part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware family of software products.  Oracle SOA Suite enables system developers to set up and manage services and to orchestrate them into composite applications and business processes. With Oracle SOA Suite’s hot-pluggable components, organizations can easily extend and evolve their architectures instead of replacing existing investments.

Components of ORACLE SOA:

  • Oracle Service Bus (OSB)
  • Oracle BPEL Process Manager
  • Oracle Event Processing
  • Oracle Web Services Manager, a security and monitoring product for web services
  • Oracle Business Rules, contains a JSR 94 Business rules engine
  • Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
  • Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (now known as the Mediator component)
  • Oracle JDeveloper

What is SOA?

Mention the SOA Principles?

What are the main benefits of SOA?

Explain oracle 10g and 11g and 12c?

What is the difference between cloud computing and grid computing?

What is the difference between 10g and 11g?

What is SCA?

What is Web service?

What is Mediator?

What is difference between ESB and Mediator?

What are the different design patterns in SOA?

What is SOA Governance? What are Its Functions?

Difference between URI and URL?

What is Decision Service?

Why we use BPEL and OSB?

What is MDS?

What is the difference between concrete and abstract WSDL?

What is HA File and FTP Adapters?

What is DB-Based MDS Repository?

How Can We Embed or Use A Java Code in BPEL?

How does pick activity differ from a receive activity?

How can we make a partner link dynamic?

What is a XA data source? How it differs from a non-XA data source?

What is trigger file in File adapter?

What is Dynamic Routing in Mediator?

What are dspMaxThread and recieverThread properties? Why are they important?

Is it possible to use MS SQL Server as dehydration store with SOA Suite? If yes how?

What are DVM's and how are they helpful in SOA?

What is the difference between XREF and DVM?

What is OSB?

What is BPEL?

What is orchestration? What does it mean to build composite applications? Why would anyone want to?

What is Schematron Validation?

What is a flow activity? What is a flowN activity and how does it leverage the flow activity?

What are two configuration settings for auditing?

How can we improve the performance of an XSL file?

What is XML Schema?

Difference between Include and Import in context to XML schema?

What is target Namespace’s function?

What is WSDL?

What is SOAP?

How to Deploy an XSl File without Deployment of Bpel Process?

When you will go for Sync process?

What is a nonBlockingAll property?