DBMS Interview Questions and Answers

DBMS Interview

DBMS Interview Questions and Answers

DBMS stands for Database Management system. It is system software for creating and managing databases system. It is manipulates the data itself, the data format, field names, record structure and file structure. It is mainly used for ability to store related data across multiple tables. Since there are so many database management systems available, it is important for there to be a way for them to communicate with each other.

Their main database organizations are:
  • Relational DBMS
  • Flat Database
  • Hierarchical Database
  • Object oriented Database

What is database?

What is DBMS?

What are main users of DBMS?

What are the advantages of DBMS?

What are the important components of DBMS?

What are the uses of DBMS?

How many types of database languages are?

What is DML (Data Manipulation Language)?

What is normalization?

What are the advantages of normalizing a database?

What is Denormalization?

Describe the levels of data abstraction?

What is RDBMS?

What is a database transaction?

Define the integrity rules?

What is Data Independence?

What is a view? How it is related to data independence?

What is extension and intension?

What is Data Warehousing?

What do you mean by Index hunting?

How does Index hunting help in improving query performance?

What is Data Model?

What is Object Oriented model?

Can you define Fragmentation.

What is Database partitioning?

What is the importance of partitioning?

What is Atomicity and Aggregation?

What are ACID Properties?

What is Columnar DBMSs?

For More:

What is a query?

What is Data Model?

What is an ER diagram in DBMS?

Can you explain DDL? And Commands?

Can you explain DML? And Commands?

Can you explain DCL? And Commands?

Can you explain TCL? And Commands?

What is Query decomposition in DBMS?

What is a Data Dictionary in DBMS?

What is Data Replication?

What are the types of data Replications?

What is A Domain Key normal form?

What is Tuple relational calculus in DBMS?

What is Precedence Graph?

What is a Normalization in DBMS?

What is the functional dependency? And types?

What are the commonly used normal forms? And Explain?

What is the Serializability in DBMS?

What are uses of HAVING and WHERE clause?

List the keys in DBMS?

What is Foreign Key?

When to use Artificial keys?

What is Thomas write Rule in DBMS?

What are the ACID Properties of Transaction?