Database Interview Questions and Answers

Database Interview Questions and Answers

Database Interview Questions and Answers  for beginners

Database is a collection of data stored in an organized manner. Many enterprises and organizations create and manage databases using a database management system. Special DBMS software can be used create and store product inventory and customer information, for example. Organizations most often use databases for online transaction processing (OLTP). Database software needs to provide easy access to information and fast querying so that transactions can be carried out efficiently. Databases are often referred to as operational systems, meaning they are used to process day-to-day transactions in an organization.(Introduction of database Source: Panoply)

What is Database?

What are the different types of modern databases?

What is SQL?

What is DBMS?

What is RDBMS?

What is Multidimensional Database?

What is difference between Relational and Non-Relational Database?

What are the database languages?

What is spatial database?

What is database model?

What is Data Warehousing?

What is Data mining?

What is Data Dictionary?

What is Database partitioning?

What is Database transaction?

What is data instance?

What is Data Integrity?

What is Data Redundancy?

What is Functional dependency?

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What is Data Independence? What are its two types?

What is Normalization?

What is De-Normalization?

What is stored procedure?

What is Phantom deadlock?

What are B-trees?

What is checkpoint?

What is Trigger?

What is Fragmentation?

What is a subquery?

What is Join?

What is a Self Join?

What is DDL and what are some commands of DDL?

What is DML and what are some commands of DML?

What is DCL and what are some commands of DCL?

What is DQL?

What is the difference between VDL and SDL?

What is Database Lock?

What is Cursor and types?

What is storage manger?

What is Index hunting?

What is buffer manger?

What is PostgreSQL?

Do you know about Resource Database?

What is a system database?

What is transaction manger?

What is File manger?

What is E-R model?