MSBI Interview Questions and Answers

MSBI Interview Questions and Answers

MSBI (Microsoft Business Intelligence) is the powerful suite tool developed by Microsoft which offers best solutions for Business Intelligence and Data-Mining Queries. This tool uses Microsoft visual studio data tools + SQL Server. It provides different processes for different tools for BI solutions.

What is MSBI?

What is BI?

What are the important tools used in MSBI?

What is SSAS?

What is SSIS?

What is SSRS?

What is PPS?

What is a Data warehouse?

What is a Data Mart?

What are the some advantages of MSBI?

What is RS.exe utility?

What are the Transformations available in SSIS?

What are the different types of data sources in SSRS?

Can you explain Control flow?

Can you explain Data flow?

Can you explain Data Set in report?

Can you explain Web service task in SSIS?

Can you explain how does Error-Handling work in SSIS?

What are the important terms can be used in the reporting services?

Can you define cache in SSRS?

What are the three different part of RDL file elaborate them?

Can you explain transfer SQL Server object task?

What is a RAGGED hierarchy?

Can you explain MOLAP?

What is report builder?

How to enhance the custom code in Report?

What is difference between Unionall and Merge Join?

What is the different Lookup Cache Modes Available in SSIS?

Explain how we can do Error Handling?

Can you explain Analysis Services Information Worker?

Can you explain Early Arriving Facts?

What is the need for SSAS component?

Can you explain how to fine-tune Reports?

What is the difference between a derived measure and a calculated measure?

What is the purpose of Data Source View?

Can you explain how to log SSIS Executions?

What is the advantage of using MSMQ?

What languages are used in SSAS?

How does Report Builder support Analysis Services cubes?

Can you explain processing?

What are the differences between Script Task and Script Component?

What are the Command Line Utilities available in Reporting Services?

Can you explain WriteBack?

How to enhance the custom code in Report?

How can I add Reporting Services reports to my application?

Compare between SQL Server Reporting Services and Crystal Reports?

What are Data Driven Subscriptions?

Can you explain FASMI?

What is difference between Tablular and Matrix report?

What are the drawbacks of reporting in SSRS?