LoadRunner Interview Questions and Answers

Loadrunner Interviewgig

LoadRunner Interview Questions and Answers

LoadRunner is a performance testing tool developed by Micro Focus that allows testers to simulate user activity on a software application and measure its performance under different load conditions. In this Article, we have prepared Top LoadRunner Interview Questions and Answers for freshers & Experienced 2023.

What do you know about LoadRunner?

What is load testing?

What are the main components of LoadRunner?

How to Do Performance Testing?

Why do you need Performance Testing?

What is use of vuser_init and vuser_end action contains?

How to create a Vuser Script?

Can you explain Scenarios in LoadRunner?

Can you explain Goal-Oriented Scenario?

How did you find web server related issues?

How did you find database related issues?

How can we debug a LoadRunner script?

When do you do load and performance Testing?

What is the difference between automatic correlation and manual correlation?

What is Ramp up? How do you set this?

How do you identify the performance bottlenecks?

If you want to stop the execution of your script on error, how do you do that?

What is the Rendezvous point?

How many VUsers are required for load testing?

Is it true that caching has a detrimental impact on load testing results?

What is the think time?

What is use of lr_debug_message?

What is use of lr_output_message?

What is use of lr_error_message?

What are the changes we can make in run-time settings?

Which tests can you perform with LoadRunner?

What’s New in LoadRunner?