CouchDB Interview Questions and Answers

CouchDB Interview Questions and Answers

Apache CouchDB is an open source database and NoSQL or Non relational database system. Couch is an acronym for Cluster of Unreliable Commodity Hardware. It was first released in 2005.It is a document oriented database that each document fields stored as key value maps. Fields can be a simple key value pair, map or list. CouchDB is a HTTP/REST based in its core. The data is stored within JSON documents which can be accessed and its indices quired to HTTP. CouchDB works well with the modern web application and mobile applications.

What is CouchDB?

What are important features of CouchDB?

In which language CouchDB is written?

In which language CouchDB early work was started?

How CouchDB is different from other SQL databases?

Is CouchDB used in Software industry?

What is the similarity between MongoDB and CouchDB?

What are the main features of CouchDB?

Why does couchdb not use mnesia?

How would you use transactions with CouchDB?

What is the usage of CouchDB?

What you know by CouchdbKit?

Can Views update documents or databases?

What platforms are supported in CouchDB?

What is the use of sequences, How do you do sequences?