DB2 Interview Questions and Answers

Top DB2 Interview Questions and Answers

Database 2 (DB2) is a Relational database management system developed by IBM .It is an Open source database system for computing systems. It supported object oriented database features and Non relational structure with XML.Using SQL, users can obtain data simultaneously from DB2and other different databases.

Although DB2 was initially designed to work exclusively on IBM mainframe platforms, it was later ported to other widely used operating systems like UNIX, Windows and presently in Linux.

What’s New in DB2(2024)?

The latest DB2 version (Db2 13 for z/OS) offers advancements in:

  • Migration: Easier upgrade from previous versions.
  • SQL: Improved temporal tables, geospatial queries, and more.
  • Application Management: Better tools for managing database applications.
  • Performance & Scalability: Optimizations for faster processing and handling larger workloads.
  • Security: Continued focus on robust security features.

For details, refer to the official IBM documentation: [What’s new in Db2 13 ON IBM ibm.com].


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