PeopleSoft HRMS Interview Questions and Answers

PeopleSoft HRMS Interview Questions and Answers

What is regulatory region? Usage?
What are checklists? Give an example from the delivered checklists. How will you create a checklist of your own?
What are the different kinds of organizational relationships in HRMS?

What are the different steps in workforce administration in hiring a new employee?
Explain the concept of effective date and its advantages?
What are Global assignments? What is Home and Host concept? How is international assignments security implemented?

When you access an HCM component, say, Job Data, certain values like business unit, company etc are defaulted. What governs this concept?
When do we use the concept of effective sequence?
What are the possible HR business transactions that can follow post termination action row for an employee in job data?

In which situation will an employee need to have more than one employee instances with an organization?
If an organization does not fit to be position driven then what are the other options in People Soft to setup the hierarchy?
What is the purpose of EMPLOYEES table in PS? How is this table populated?

How is standard hour and FTE auto calculated when entering job details for a new hire?
What are the different options of determining reporting hierarchy in PS as delivered?
What is job family? How is it different from job codes in PS?

How is Geographic location code different from locations?
When a user logs into PS by virtue of which security attribute does the system default users country, name format and company etc?
In which scenarios can a person hold multiple jobs?

In which situation can a person’s HR status be inactive and still the payroll being run? Vice versa?
How is Last Hire Date different than the Hire Date?
Can POI have a job record?