SAP Security Interview Questions and Answers

SAP Security Interview Questions and Answers

SAP security involves all the tools, processes, and controls set in place in order to restrict what users can access within an SAP landscape. This helps ensure that users only can access the information they need to do their job, while keeping them away from sensitive procedures and confidential information like financial records, which pose the risks of fraud, data breaches and compliance violations.

What is SAP Security??

Can you explain SNC in SAP Security??

What is SSO in SAP Security??

What is SAP Internet Transaction Server??

What is SAP Cryptographic Library??

What is T code??

What are some AP Security T Codes??

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What are the most used tables in SAP??

What are the different types of SAP Security Tables?

Can you explain SAP System transactions?

Can you explain Network topology in SAP Systems?

Can you explain Transport System-Level Security?

Can you explain Secure Store and Forward?

What is SAP’s GRC?

Can you explain Internet-Level Security?

Can you explain Protecting Public Keys?

Can you explain Document Transfer-Level Security?

How Can SAP Security Be Improved?

What is STAD?

Can you explain Composite Role?

What is the difference between authorization object and authorization object class?

Which transaction code is used to manage lack entries?

What is the maximum number of profiles in a role and maximum number of object in a role?

What is SOD in SAP Security?

What is Audit Information System?

What is PFCG Time dependency?

How can you get the user list in SAP?

How do you check background jobs?

What is the difference between USOBT_C and USOBX_C?

What are the different types of tabs that are present in the PFCG?

What is the use of SU25 t-code?

How to find out who has deleted users in the system?

What are the authorization groups and how to create them?

What authorization is required to create and maintain user master records?

What is the use of authorization object S_TABU_LIN?