SAP BW Interview Questions and Answers

SAP BW Interview Questions and Answers

Below questions are the most frequently asked Interview Questions and Answers for SAP BW.

What all data sources you have used to acquire data in SAP BW system?

When you are using SAP BI7.x, you can load the data to which component?

What is an InfoPackage?

What is extended Star schema? Which of the tables are inside and outside cube in an extended star schema?

How extended Star schema is different from Star schema?

What is an InfoObject and why it is used in SAP BI?

What are the different categories of InfoObjects in BW system?

What is the use of Infoarea in SAP BW system?

How do you access to source system data in BI without extraction?

What are different types on Virtual providers?

What is the use of Transformation and how the mapping is done in BW?

What is InfoObject catalog?

What is the use DSO in BW system? What kind of data is stored in DSOs

What are the different components in DSO architecture?

Explain the structure of direct update DSO?

What is write optimized DSO?

Where do we use Write optimized DSO?

What is a temporal join?

Where do we use InfoSet in BI system?

What are the different type of InfoSet joins?

What is the use of InfoCube in BW system?

What is the structure of InfoCube?

Is it possible to convert a standard InfoCube to real time InfoCube?

Can you convert an InfoPackage group into a Process chain?

When you define aggregates, what are the available options?

What do you understand by Start and update routine?

What is the use of Rollup?

What is Partition of an InfoCube?

What is the use of Navigational attributes?

What is the use of DB connection in SAP BW data acquisition?

What is UD connect in SAP BW system? How does it allow reporting in BI system?