PHP Developer Interview Questions and Answers

PHP Developer Interview Questions and Answers

PHP Developer Interview Questions : PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor. It is a free and open source server-side programming language. It is a general-purpose scripting language. PHP scripts will run and interact with the servers and gives the HTML output. It is mainly used for Web Development. It is a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages. The previous PHP was known as “Personal Homepage Tool”. Later on, after PHP v3 it is being known as “Hypertext Pre Processor”. PHP was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994.  


What is PHP?

Why PHP?

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Can you write basic PHP hello world program or syntax?

What is PEAR?

What is PECL?

What is the related PHP programming language resembled?

What are the main features in PHP 7?

What are major differences between PHP5 and PHP7?

Can you explain Anonymous Classes in PHP7?

How do you execute a PHP script from the command line?

What is a null coalescing operator in PHP7?

How can PHP and Javascript interact?

How will you send an email using PHP?

Can you define Easy User-land CSPRNG?

What is Zend Engine?

How to run the interactive PHP shell from the command line interface?

What is the difference between Public, private and protected in PHP?

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What is spaceship operator?

Can you explain connect a MySql database using PHP?

What is the use of unlink ()function?

What is the use of the function imagetypes()?

What is the use of dirname() function?

What is the use of unset() function?

Can you explain PHP magic constants?

What is use of Closure::call() in PHP7?

Can you explain set cookies using PHP?

What extension are removed ?

Explain set cookies in PHP?

Which library needed to be able to use image function?

What does the PHP error Parse error in PHP – unexpected T_variable at line x means?

Explain how preg_split function works?

What is the purpose of _FILES variable in PHP?

What are the methods possible display texts with a PHP script?

What is the use of namespace in PHP?

Can you possible to set an infinite execution time for PHP script?

Write Unicode codepoint escape syntax?

What is Throwables in PHP7?

Can you explain given variable alphanumeric or not?

Can you explain access the data sent through the URL with the GET method?

Explain how failures in execution are handled with include () and require () functions?

Can you explain mysql_pconnect function?

What function gives us the number of affected entries by a query?

What is the difference between unset() and unlink() function in PHP?

What are the encryption functions in PHP?

What is the syntax to send a mail in PHP?

What is type hinting?

What does ob_start do?

what is the use of ksort function?

What does _FILES means in PHP?

What are the different types of errors in PHP?