DHTML Interview Questions and Answers

DHTML Interview Questions and Answers

DHTML is a Dynamic Hyper Text Mark-up language. It is a Combinations of technologies used to create dynamic websites. It is used include a combination of HTML and JavaScript or VBScript.

What is DHTML? What are the features of DHTML?

Which browsers support DHTML and how will non-supporting browsers handle DHTML?

How DHTML work with JavaScript?

What is distinguish between Static vs. Dynamic HTML?

What is the Working of DHTML?

What are technologies we use in DHTML? Explain their significance in DHTML application?

How to handle events with DHTML?

What is the Difference between DHTML and HTML?

How is Font Size and Font Size differ in DHTML?

What are the attributes that make up a DHTML? Explain those attributes.

What are the important components of Dynamic HTML authoring - Positioning, Style modifications and Event handling?

What is logic match tag?

What is the necessity of empty tag?

Explain about struts dispatch action in DHTML

How to upload struts file in DHTML?

How do we create a DHTML drop-down menu?