Oracle Architecture Interview Questions and Answers

Oracle Architecture Interview Questions and Answers

Top Oracle Architecture Interview Questions and Answers: Below, we have covered detailed answers to the Oracle Architecture Interview Questions Which will be helpful to freshers and experienced Professionals. All the best for your interview Preparation.


Explain briefly about oracle database architecture?

Which background process is used during user connectivity?

What are base tables? when and how they will get created?

What are different views DBA uses? which script will create them?

Why to Execute Catproc.sql Script?

Explain the phases of SQL execution?

What is mean by semantic checking? which component helps in that?

What is server process?

What is the difference between physical and logical read?

Why to maintain a copy of data in database buffer cache?

Why server process will not start searching from MRU end?

What are the logical structures of the database?

What are the 4 mandatory tablespaces req to run the database?

Can I have a database without SYSAUX tablespace in 10g?

If we have physical structures, why do we need logical structures?

Explain the difference between a block, extent and segment?

What are redo entries? When and where they will be created?

What is different status for a block in database buffer cache?

Will there be any undo generated in case of DDL statement processing? If so why?

What is PGA?

What is the difference between memory allocation in 8i and 9i for PGA?

Which is correct? Sorting will take place in PGA or temp tablespace?

How you will define INSTANCE and DATABASE?

What is SGA?

What are the responsibilities of SMON?

Why oracle maintains 2 redolog files?

What is SCN and which process writes that?

What are the other new background processes in 10g that you know?

What information control file contains?

What is server parameter file and how it is different from parameter file?

What is Ifile and when it is used?

How to recover if I lost parameter pfile or spfile?

If we have both pfile and spfile in place, which file oracle will use during startup?

What are hidden parameters and their use?

What is the purpose of password file?

While creating password file, what is the use of ENTRIES?

What is ASMM? Which background process helps in that?

How database will behave when you have both ASMM and individual parameters are configured?

What is AMM in 11g?

My database size is 1 TB, how much SGA will you configure?

What is alert log? How it is helpful for DBA?

What are the contents of alert log file?

What happens if we remove alert log file when database is in use?

If we have alert log file to diagnose the problem, why we need trace files? What are they?

Which background process is responsible for writing into alert log file?

Which process will start first when instance is started?

Which file is req to place database in NOMOUNT state and what happens in that phase?

Which file is req to bring into MOUNT phase and what is the use of this phase?

What files are needed to open the database and How oracle knows the locations of them?

What could be reason for SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE command hanging for long time?

What is server result cache? What benefit we get out of it?

Explain how a select statement will get the benefit by using server result cache?

What parameters to be used to make 11g database use server result cache?

How to increase the size of server result cache?

Where all the trace files located in 11g?

Which background process clears sessions and releases locks when system fails?

What is OFA? Do you recommend to implement it?

Why oracle recommends OFA? How it is related to OS?

What is DISPATCHER in shared server architecture?

What are the parameters you use to configure shared server architecture?

How many slave processes we can have for DBWR and SMON?