Payroll Interview Questions and Answers

Payroll Interview Questions

Payroll Interview Questions and Answers

What is Payroll?

What is Gratuity?

What are the different types of payroll accounting journal entries?

Can you define Withholding Tax?

What is a Payroll Correction?

What is Payroll Accounting?

What are payroll source documents?

What is Form W-2?

What is Form W-4?

What is the Form W-9?

What is the difference between Accounts payable and Payroll?

What are the common Payroll Errors?

How to Avoid Payroll Errors?

Can you explain Vouching?

Can you define Computerized Payroll Systems?

What kinds of payroll reporting you are aware about?

What is a payroll system?

What can a payroll system do?

Can you define CTC?

What is Non-taxable income?

Can you define retropay?

Can you define Payroll transaction?

Can you explain Internal Audit?

Can you explain, what work involves in payroll clerk?

Can you define gross pay?

Can you define FLSA?

What is the difference between Pay Check and Pays lip?

What are some Payroll software’s?

What are Pay Codes in Payroll software?

How to calculate deduction?

What are Payroll Deductions?