J.P.Morgan Interview Questions- HR and Technical


Are you preparing for J.P.Morgan job interview? In this article, we‘ve prepared J.P.Morgan HR and Technical Interview Questions for fresher’s. These questions can be asked in many ways. Be ready to answers these interview questions.

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HR Interview Questions

  1. Tell me something about yourself
  2. Walk me through your resume
  3. Why J.P.Morgan?
  4. Why are you applying this position?
  5. Why should I hire you?
  6. Tell us about the skills which are required for this position?
  7. Why do you want to work for J.P.Morgan?
  8. Tell me something about our Company?
  9. Would you lie for the company?
  10. What is your greatest strength?
  11. What is your greatest weakness?
  12. What are your short-term and long term goals?
  13. What do you have to offer to J.P.Morgan?
  14. You have to attend your meeting related to your work but you also have to complete work for your client, how will you manage in this situation?
  15. Where do you see yourself in next five years?
  16. What is your dream job?
  17. What are the good qualities of an employee?
  18. Do believe in making plans and strategies for the future or believe in grabbing opportunities as they come?
  19. I don’t give you this job. What will you do?
  20. Can you work under pressure or client deadlines?
  21. How your background has prepared you for the challenge?
  22. What is the most difficult situation that you have ever faced in life?
  23. Which location do you want to work in and why?
  24. What was the biggest mistake of your life?
  25. How did you decide about this career?
  26. What would you do if you are not hired today?
  27. Are you willing to work over time or shifts or weekends?
  28. What do you know about recent trends in IT industry?
  29. Which is better meeting a deadline or doing a perfect job?
  30. Why do you want to work in this industry?
  31. Who is the CEO of J.P.Morgan?
  32. What other positions are you considering?
  33. Are you willing to relocate?
  34. Do you have any references?
  35. What kind of a manger would you be?
  36. How can you contribute to this Company?
  37. What makes you happy?
  38. What motivates you?
  39. Are you planning to do MBA?
  40. Why did you leave your last job?
  41. Tell me something negative or positive you’ve heard about our company?
  42. What are the expectations from manager?
  43. What are your strongest technical skills?
  44. What are your salary expectations?
  45. Do you have any questions with us?

Technical interview Questions

  1. Tell me any resent financial news?
  2. What in your opinion makes good financial model
  3. What’s going on in the markets currently?
  4. Who are J.P.Morgan key competitors?
  5. What is C Programming language?
  6. What is difference between Java and C?
  7. How to avoid structure padding in C?
  8. What is class?
  9. What is empty class?
  10. What is Object?
  11. What are the oops concepts?
  12. What is Normalization?
  13. Can you define binary tree insertion?
  14. How and who handles data looping?
  15. What is nested loop?
  16. What is oops?
  17. What is inheritance?
  18. What is Polymorphism?
  19. What is destructor?
  20. What is abstraction?
  21. What are macros excel?
  22. How to use this keyword?
  23. What are two dimensional linked lists?
  24. Can you explain the method you will use to execute an array linked list?
  25. What is the implementation of merge?
  26. How did you create your project?
  27. What is memory management in Java?
  28. What is the difference between primary key and foreign key?
  29. What is multi threading?
  30. Write down to prime algorithm?
  31. What happens when main () method is declared as private?
  32. How does a debugger set breakpoints in a code you are debugging?
  33. What operating system is used in your Mobile?
  34. Does Java support multiple inheritances?
  35. What is IP address?
  36. What is subnetting?
  37. What is Blockchain technology? How to use?
  38. What is Cloud Computing?
  39. What is private cloud and public cloud?
  40. What is Machine Learning?
  41. What is IoT?
  42. What is AI?
  43. What is MVC?
  44. What is Android?
  45. What is Framework?
  46. What is a Tool?
  47. What is big data?
  48. What is Hadoop?
  49. What is data Science?
  50. What is Binary search Tree?
  51. How would you input data to your code?
  52. What are storage classes?
  53. What is a job Queue?
  54. What do you think you will be doing in your first internship at J.P.Morgan?
  55. What do you know about J.P.Morgan?
  56. What is share capital?
  57. What is IPO?
  58. What is Working capital?
  59. How do you record PP&E?
  60. What do you think Finance at J.P.Morgan does?
  61. How do you calculate WACC?
  62. How do any new regulations influence the bank?
  63. What is Database?
  64. What is Database normalization?
  65. Write a program to identify if a given binary tree is balanced or not
  66. Write a program to print first 10 Fibonacci series?
  67. Write a program to print the prime number up to 13
  68. Write a program based on frequency sorting methods
  69. Write a program to print all permutations of a given string
  70. Write an algorithm to find middle element in the linked list.


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