Blockchain Interview Questions and Answers


Blockchain Interview Questions and Answers

Blockchain mainly designed for maintaining decentralize immutable data in the distributed platform without any loss of data of the entire chain. It mainly came to the market by discovering one of the great invention Bitcoin, introducing Cryptocurrency first in the market. No doubt, Blockchain always followed trusted approach and presents a lot of companies are showing their interest only for the same. This kind of trusted approach will automatically increase in long run as till now it’s an open source.


What is Blockchain Technology?

What are the platforms for developing Blockchain Applications?

What are the different types of Blockchain?

What is a block in Blockchain technology?

What is cryptography?

What is a Cryptocurrency?


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What is Bitcoin?

What are the key elements of the Blockchain ecosystem? Explain each of them briefly.

What is RSA Algorithm?

How secure is a communication using RSA?

What is RSA security?

What is Honey Encryption?

What is Double Spending? Is it possible to double spend in a Blockchain system?

What is the significance of blind signature and how it is useful?

What are off chain transactions?

What is Transposition Cipher?

What is the difference between On chain and off chain transactions?

What is side chain transaction?

What consensus algorithms do you know?

What type of records can be kept in Blockchain? Is there any restriction on same?

What is Secret Sharing?

What is Blockchain Durability and robustness?

What is 51% attack?

What is the Merkle Tree?

What is a security policy?

What is Transparent and incorruptible in blockchain?

What is encryption? What is its role in Blockchain?

How does the Bitcoin Blockchain work?

What are the popular consensus algorithms? Why we need different consensus mechanisms?

What are the threads to the information you are familiar with?

How a Blockchain ledger is different from an ordinary one?

What is a dApp ?

How to send Bitcoin/Money?

What is blind signature?

How do you get your bitcoin address?

What is Kerberos protocol?

What is Internet Protocol Security?

What is symmetric key algorithm?

What is Asymmetric key algorithm?

What are the Cryptography algorithms’?

What are the quantum computers?

What is Post-quantum cryptography?

How you will handle the risk management when it comes to securing the transactions records?

What is Hashing?

What is the meaning of high min-entropy?

What is hash rate?

What is Secure Hash Algorithms?

What kind of records Blockchain can hold in their database, normally types of records present in the Blockchain database directly, provide some example?

What is the difference between the distributed database and traditional database?

What are the important Blockchain features?