Object Oriented Programming(OOP) Interview Questions and Answers

OOP Interview Questions

Object Oriented Programming(OOP) Interview Questions and Answers

Object-oriented programming technique is one of the programming approaches used by the programmers to develop a different web and mobile applications. It is basically based on the principle of class, object, data hiding, abstraction, encapsulation, modularity, inheritance and polymorphism. Many of the most widely-used programming languages are multi-paradigm programming languages that support object-oriented programming to a greater or lesser degree, typically in combination with imperative, procedural programming. Most object-oriented languages include C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl, Object Pascal, Swift, Objective-C, Dart, Scala, Smalltalk, and LISP.

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What is an OOP?

What are the all concepts of OOP?

Can you define Class?

Can you define object?

Can you define Abstraction?

Write an example of abstraction class and method in java?

Can you define Encapsulation?

Write an example of Encapsulation in Java?

Can you define Polymorphism?

Write an example of polymorphism in Java?

Can you define Inheritance?

What is the syntax of Inheritance in Java?

What is the main difference between an Object based programming language and Object-oriented programming language?

Can you define association?

Can you define composition?

Can you aggregation?

What is object clone?

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Can you define constructor?

Can you define Destructor?

Can you define Inline function?

Can you define virtual function?

Can you define abstract class?

Can you define interface?

Can you explain friend function?

Can you explain ternary operator?

Can you explain super keyword?

Can you explain exception handling?

Can you explain tokens?

What is the difference between structure and a class?

How can we call the base method without creating an instance?

Why java is does not support multiple inheritances?

What are the pros of Oops programming?

What are the types of inheritance?

What are the types of constructor?

What is syntax of constructor declaration in python?

Give an example of constructor in python?

How to Crate empty Class in Python?

When the finalize method is used?

How to create class & object in python?

Give an Example of encapsulation in Python?

How to achieve data abstraction?

What are some examples of tokens?

Give an example of abstraction in Python?

Give an example of overloading less than operator in Python?

What are the languages come under oops concept?