IBM Cognos TM1 Interview Questions and Answers

IBM Cognos TM1 Interview Questions and Answers

Top IBM Cognos TM1 Interview Questions and answers: Here, we highlight some common questions you might be asked during a job interview for IBM related positions. All the best for your interview Preparation.

Can you explain Cognos TM1?

Why did IBM Cognos TM1 Web change the technology from .NET to Java?

Can TM1 Web be set up for load balancing?

Where is TM1 Web Logging information found?

How do you use TM1 cubes in Framework Manager?

Define TM1 architecture?

What are the basic features of Cognos TM1?

How do you use TM1 cubes in Framework Manager?

How many types of viewers available in TM1?

How to run Turbo Integrator Process from Command Line?

Define Data Tab?

Define TM1 package connector?

What is Epilog Tab?

Name the function which is used to serialize the TI process?

What are the functions required to be called for enabling or disabling the bulk load of mode?

What is the limit of string length in Turbo Integrator?

What are the flaws of Chore Start Time?

Name the different procedures within TI?

Name the window by which you can create your own custom scripts?

How you can enable Bulk Load Mode in TI?

Name the sub-tabs which are in advance tab of TI

What is the meaning of Ending Bulk Load mode?

Name the data sources which are available with TI?

What is Chore Commit property?

Define snapshot?

Define Bulk Load mode?

What actually happens when Bulk Load mode starts?

Define Drill Through?

What is the difference between list and crosstab?

Give the options which are available after importing data using TI?

Define Prolog tab?

Define Metadata?

What is the cube size?

What kind of system requirement is needed to run TM1 for a small installation?

What is the way of writing a FEEDER Statement when feeding one cube from another?

What are the steps to troubleshoot the FEEDERS?

How does Rules Tracer help us?

Define the logic behind the Sparsity in cubes?

Define Over Feeding?

Define Under Feeding?

What is the role of SKIPCHECK in TM1?

What is the role of transformer?

Name the components of report studio?

Name the components of Report Net?

Name the prompt which are available in Cognos?

Define Cognos Connection?

Define Cognos Reporting tool?

Define Junk Dimension?

Define is catalog and types of catalogs in Cognos?

Differentiate between Power play transformer and power play reports?

Define Sparse Cube?

Define Query Subject?