IBM Integration Bus Interview Questions and Answers

IBM Integration Bus Interview Questions and Answers

Top IBM Integration Bus Interview Questions and Answers: Here, we highlight some common questions you might be asked during a job interview for IBM related positions. All the best for your interview Preparation.

What is the difference between Root and Output Root?

Which Interface We Have to Implement when we are going to create an input custom node?

Can you Define Broker, Bar, Execution Group, Scada, and Components of Broker?

What is parser and difference between parser and format?

What is Resetcontentdescriptor Node?

What is user name server and where it is defined?

What is schema of broker?

How can we see the error log files in broker?

Which node is used to change the message in the flow?

What is the use of commit for connection to databases?

Define Correlation Names?

What is the differences of Mqinput Node and Input Node?

How many built-in nodes are there? categories them?

What are the perspectives we have?

How to create broker from command prompt?

What is the uniqueness of mb over ICS?

What is EAI? what are those tools?

What is the broker domain?

what are the Performance Monitoring Tools?

Difference between MCA and MQI channels?

How to configure MQ?

How will you test your flows?

What workflow will do?

How will we use a Cobol copybook in mb?

Types of Messages?

Explain Deadletter Queue Cases?

How many types of clients in MQ?

What are MQ commands?

Difference between circular logging and linear logging?

Difference between MQCONN and MQCONNX?

Difference between MQPUT and MQPUT1?

How to get the depth of a queue?

What is CVS (concurrent version system)?

Difference between compute and mapping node?

what are the advantages of compute node?

What is an execution group?

What are the types of trees?

What is the role of configuration manager?

What is the Content of the configuration manager repository?

What is the difference between HCONN and HCONNX?