IDMS Interview Questions and Answers

IDMS Interview Questions and Answers

Below, frequently asked Top IDMS interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced. 

What are storage attributes of records?

Distinguish among erase, erase permanent, erase selective and erase all?

What is Auto status in IDMS?

What is the Difference between Fixed length and Variable length records?

What is currency in IDMS?

What is the purpose of a READY?

What are the uses of COMMIT and FINISH?

What is a bind in IDMS?

Explain about FIND and OBTAIN commands.

What is a junction record in IDMS?

What is an OOK-Rec in IDMS?

What is a database?

What is the difference between local and central version operating modes?

Name and explain the location modes?

Explain about logical data model of IDMS

What methods are available for persisting records in an IDMS database?

Here are some scenario-based IDMS (Integrated Database Management System) interview questions along with their answers:

How would you retrieve a specific record from an IDMS database based on a given key?

Suppose you need to update multiple related records in an IDMS database. How would you ensure data integrity during the update process?

How can you optimize the performance of an IDMS program that frequently accesses a large database?

How would you handle referential integrity constraints between different IDMS databases?

Suppose you need to extract data from an IDMS database and load it into a different database system. How would you accomplish this?

How can you handle concurrent access to an IDMS database by multiple programs?

How would you handle the deletion of a record from an IDMS database that is referenced by other records?

How can you ensure data security in an IDMS environment?