Datastage Interview Questions and Answers

Datastage Interview Questions and Answers

IBM InfoSphere DataStage is a leading ETL platform that integrates data across multiple enterprise systems. It leverages a high performance parallel framework, available on-premises or in the cloud. The scalable platform provides extended metadata management and enterprise connectivity. It integrates heterogeneous data, including big data at rest (Hadoop-based) or big data in motion (stream-based), on both distributed and mainframe platforms. It supports IBM Db2 Z and Db2 for z/OS, applies workload and business rules, and integrates real-time data in an easy to deploy platform.(source :IBM official doc )

What is DataStage?

What is Data partitioning?

What are the important features of Datastage?

How a source file is populated?

What is usage analysis in DataStage?

What is the command line function to import and export the DS jobs?

What is the difference between Datastage 7.5 and 7.0?

What are the some differences between 7.x and 8.x version of DataStage?

How you can fix the truncated data error in Datastage?

Can you define Merge?

What is the Differentiate between data file and descriptor file?

What is the difference between an Operational DataStage and a Data Warehouse?

What is the difference between validated and Compiled in the Datastage?

How to manage date conversion in Datastage?

Why do we use exception activity in Datastage?

What is APT_CONFIG in Datastage?

What are the different types of Lookups in Datastage?

How a server job can be converted to a parallel job?

Can you explain Repository tables in Datastage?

What are Routines?

How can you write parallel routines in datastage PX?

What is the method of removing duplicates, without the remove duplicate stage?

What are the different options associated with dsjob command?

What is difference between Join, Merge and Lookup stage?

What is Quality stage?

What is the sortmerge collector?

What is aggtorec restructure operator?

what is Job control?

What is difference between Symmetric Multiprocessing and Massive Parallel Processing?

What are the steps required to kill the job in Datastage?

Can you explain Kafka connector?

What is the Project in Datastage?

What are the features of DataStage Flow Designer?

How many types of hash files are there?

How do you import and export data into Datastage?

Can you explain tagbatch restructure operator?

Can you explain Engine tier in Information server?

What is Meta Stage?

Have you have ever worked in UNIX environment and why it is useful in Datastage?

What is the difference between Datastage and Datastage TX?

What is size of a transaction and an array means in a Datastage?

How many types of views are there in a Datastage Director?

Can you explain Link buffering?

Why we use surrogate key?

How rejected rows are managed in Datastage?

Can you explain Players in Datastage?

What is the difference between ODBC and DRS stage?

What is a DataStage job?

Why do we use Link Partitioner and Link Collector in Datastage?

What is the difference between Orabulk and BCP stages?

What is DS Designer?

What is the Roundrobin collector?