IBM Assembler Interview Questions and answers

IBM Assembler Interview Questions and answers

Top IBM Assembler Interview Questions and answers: Here, we highlight some common questions you might be asked during a job interview for IBM related positions. All the best for your interview Preparation.


Explain ICM instruction?

Can we use an equated value as operand for an MVC instruction? reason for the same?

How to retrieve the instream data in SYSIN?

How to pass the parameters from JCL to assembler PGM?

What will happen if we drop the base register in the PGM which contains only one base reg?

Why do we have multiple base registers in certain programs?

What is the difference in data type x and p?

Why do we use drop? what does using do?

How to initialize a register to 0000?

What is base register?

Why can only 256 bytes be moved from one address to another in a MVC?

How are data passed from JCL PARM to assembler program? and how is data passed from a calling program to an assembler called program?

What is the use of Trt instruction and how it is working?

What is need of start 0?

How to pass instream data in sysin with assembler?

Can we use MVC instruction to move pack field to pack field. which instruction you will use and why?

How to initialize 20,000 bytes in the assembler?

How to produce soc7 abend?

How to access VSAM file?