Terraform Interview Questions and Answers

Terraform Interview Questions and Answers

What is Terraform?

What are the key features of Terraform?

Can you explain Terraform AWS and Its features?

What is use of Terraform CLI?

List out the Some of Terraform commands?

terraform interview questions

Can you define Modules in Terraform?

Explain Terraform cloud and Its Features?

Can you define Terraform provider and List Terraform providers?

Can you explain Terraform state?

Can you explain Terraform init?

Can you explain Terragrunt?

How do you Identify the installed version of Terraform?

Explain the use of Terraform fmt command?

Why provisioners are used in Terraform?

Explain Some of the Provisioners available in Terraform?

Explain Terraform Backend and its benefits?

Can you explain Null Resource in Terraform?

Explain Resource Graph in Terraform?

Define Terraform Plugins?

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