Greenplum Interview Questions and Answers

Greenplum was a big data analytics company headquartered in san Mateo, California. Greenplum was nonheritable by EMC Corporation in July 2010. beginning in 2012 its management system software became referred to as the important Greenplum database sold-out through pivotal software and is presently actively developed by the Greenplum database open source community and pivotal.

In September 2017, Greenplum Database Version 5 was released. Version 5 includes the first iteration of the Greenplum project strategy of merging PostgreSQL later versions back into Greenplum and is based on PostgreSQL version 8.3 up from the previous version 8.2.  Version 5 also introducing the General Availability of the GPORCA Optimizer for cost-based optimization of SQL designed for big data.Founded in June 2003; product GA in February 2006.

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