SoapUI Interview Questions and Answers

SoapUI Interview Questions and Answers

SoapUI (Simple Object Access Protocol User Interface) is an open source web service (Automation Testing) testing application for SOAP and RESTful APIs or HTML services. It is free software. It was first released to SourceForge in September, 2005. SoapUI Pro- that has extra functionality for companies with mission critical Web Services.

What is SOAP?

What is REST?

What is SoapUI?

Can you explain web services?

What are the core features of SoapUI?

What is the primary challenge when testing web services?

What are the communication channels available for a web service?

What are the different components can be used in the web services?

What are the tools used for testing Web services?

What is WSDL?

What is the role of WSDL document in web service testing?

What is UDDI?

What would be the message format of SOAP protocol?

What are the advantages of SOAP?

What does a soap document contain?

What is meant by Protocols and what are the major types are used in web services?

What is XML?

Can you explain SoapUI and SoapUI Pro?

What we can do with the help of SoapUI?

What hierarchy SoapUI follows to build a proper testing project?

What is the basic method to automate web services in SoapUI?

What are SoapUI assertions?

What are the major types of assertions available in SoapUI?

Explain about XPath Assertion in SoapUI

What is Data Driven testing?

What are the different types of assertions used in SoapUI?

How can assertions be added in SoapUI?

What is Groovy script and where can it be used?

Can custom code be added to SoapUI? If yes, what can be added?

How to group tests?

How to save the responses received?

What are the properties available in SoapUI?

Explain the procedure to parameterize the endpoint in SoapUI?

What are the major places that Groovy Script Teststep used?

Can you differences between Soap and REST?

What is RDF?

What data sources can be used in SoapUI?