SAP PS Interview Questions and Answers

SAP PS Interview Questions and Answers

Here, we have listed all the Top SAP PS Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers& Experienced. All the best for your interview Preparation.

What are the parameters of Project System?

What is the accounting and Logistical information that gets defined with a Project Definition?

What do Activities, NTW, WBS represents?

What is the menu path & T. Code for defining special characters for Projects?

The structure of NTW is similar to what type of order?

What is the impact of coding mask on the project and where is it created (menu path)?

How to set field status of WBS as mandatory, (WBS Element, NTW)?

What is the Difference between validation & substitution?

What do time profiles do?

Where do we define time profiles? What is evaluation period?

What are the different time profiles?

How and where do you control the budget for the project & what is the menu path?

What setting does NTW scheduling contains? Where are these settings done (menu path)?

What is the organizational structure of PS module?

What are the Primary integration for PS?

What is Project Definition?

What is WBS?

What is a Network?

What is Standard Project Structure?

What is Project type?

What is Project Coding Mask?