MPLS Interview Questions and Answers

MPLS Interview Questions and Answers

Top most Asked MPLS Interview Questions and Answers for Network Engineers.

What is MPLS?

What are the MPLS Router Types?

Can you explain MPLS Control Plane and Forwarding Plane?

Can you explain Push, POP, Swap in MPLS?

Can you define FEC, LER, LSR, and LSP?

What is LDP?

Which Port is used to LDP?

What is MPLS VPN?

What is MPLS Header?

What are the label functions are using in MPLS?

What is AToM?

What is MP BGP?

What is RSVP?

What is RSVP-TE?

What is GMPLS? And What are the components of GMPLS?

What kinds of QoS protocols does MPLS support?

Which protocol is used for MPLS?

What is VPNv4 route?

What is LIB in MPLS?

What is traffic engineering in MPLS?

Can you explain, how does MPLS merge traffic flows?

What is the default Range of MPLS Labels?

What is default time of MPLS LDP Timer?

What is MPLSL3VPN?

What is VRF?

What is Php technique in MPLS?

What is MPLS-TP?

What 6PE?

What is a VPLS?

What are the examples of networks that are already running MPLS?

How does MPLS perform failure recovery?