Networking Interview Questions and Answers

Networking Interview Questions and Answers

Computer networking is that the study of however computers may be connected to share information or data. The conception of connecting computers dates back to the Nineteen Sixties, once the Department of Defense led the primary decide to produce a electronic network that fastidiously linked one or two of computers around the U.S. Since then, wireless networking has embarked on and networking is currently thought of an important a part of computing. A pc while not a network, arguably, has little use in everyday life.

What is Network?

What is Segment?

What is a Node?

What is OSI model?

What are the different types of Computer Networks?

What is the Network topology? And What are the different types of topology?

What is NIC?

What is Protocol?

What is IP?

What is TCP?

What is FTP?

What is Telnet?

What is Gopher?


What is IP address?

What is MAC address?

What is IPv4?

What is IPv6?

What is VoIP?

What is default gateway?

What is Ethernet?

What is PoE?

What is UDP?

What is subnet?

What is Subnetting?

What is VLSM?

What is SNAP?

What is Classless Inter Domain Routing?

What is HTTP and what port does it use?

What is HTTPs?

What is VRRP?

What is GLBP?

What is ICMP?

What is LILO?

What is DHCP?

What is RIP?

What is APIPA?

What is FQDN?


What is Beaconing?

What is Bandwidth?

What is 802.3?

What are the Ethernet IEEE 802.3 standards?

What is NBASE-T?

Can you explain MGBASE-T?

What is Cloud networking?

What is Firewall?

What is NGFW?

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