BGP Interview Questions and Answers

BGP Interview Questions and Answers

Top BGP Interview Questions and Answers for freshers & Experienced.

What is a BGP?

What is a Poison Reverse?

Can you explain, how to check BGP status?

Can you explain how BGP works?

What are peers?

What TCP port does BGP use?

What is the use of Route Map?

Can you explain the order of preference in BGP?

What are the some BGP Attributes?

List the default administrative distance for BGP Routes?

Can you explain BGP 4-byte ASN?

What are BGP Neighbour States?

What are the BGP Message Types?

Can I use BGP instead of any IGP?

What are the different types of Autonomous Systems?

What are the different routing protocols?

What is Route Reflector?

What are the External and Internal BGPs?

What is BGP OpenSent state?

Can you explain Why BGP is preferred over OSPF?

What is EGP?

What is EIGRP?

What is IGRP?

What is Keepalive?

What are examples of IGPs?

What is IS-IS?

What is the default BGP keepalive and hold down timer?

Can you explain, how to configure BGP with the use of a loopback address?

What are IGPs and EGPs?

What is RIP?

What is DUAL?