Microsoft Outlook Interview Questions and Answers

Microsoft Outllook

Microsoft Outlook Interview Questions and Answers

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Can you explain IMAP protocol?

Can you explain POP3 protocol?

Can you explain SMTP protocol?

Can you explain PST?

What are the important Email Ports?

What is the default ports number in Outlook for POP3 / HTTP / SMTP?

How to create messages quickly with outlook hotkeys (Short cuts)

How to manage your inbox using shortcut keys?

How you can change mail format in MS OUTLOOK?

How to Set up recurrence for an open appointment or meeting?

What are the most used shortcuts used in MS Outlook?

Can you explain Incoming Mail Server?

Explain, how to back up outlooks stuff?

Explain, how to create an address book?

Explain, how to prompt for profiles?

How to configure the google directory so i can find email addresses?

Can you explain Timeframe for Conversion?