MEAN Stack Interview Questions and Answers

mean stack interview questions 2022

MEAN Stack Interview Questions and Answers

What is MEAN Stack?

Can you define Stack?

Can you explain each letter of M-E-A-N?

When should you choose MEAN Stack for your project?

What do you know more about Mongo DB?

Why Express framework is used in MEAN Stack?

Can you explain Nodejs?

What is Inversion of Control?

Can you explain CORS and how to enable one?

What is Mongooe?

What is MERN Stack?

Can you explain MEAN Stack Architecture in 5 steps?

How can you avoid call back hells?

What is Asyncjs?

What are Indexes in MongoDB?

Can you define GridFS in Mongodb?

What is the syntax of MapReduce Command in MongoDB?

What is RTO?

Can you explain the usage of a buffer class in Node.js?

How to convert buffer to json?

Can you explain Scaffolding in Express.js?

What is the syntax of Response JSON method in Express.js?

What are different types of design patterns?

What are the most widely used Architectural Patterns?

What are the Request Object Properties in Express.js?