MongoDB Interview Questions and Answers

MongoDB Interview Questions and Answers

MongoDB Interview Questions :MongoDB is a free and open source cross-platform that uses a document-oriented data model and a non-structured query language. It is a most powerful NoSQL database which stores the data in form of key-value pairs. It is an Open Source, Document Database which provides high performance and scalability along with data modeling and data management of huge sets of data in an enterprise application. MongoDB was developed by Eliot Horowitz and Dwight Merriman in the year 2007.

What is a MongoDB?

What are the best features in MongoDB?

What is a Namespace in MongoDB?

What is a sharding in MongoDB?

What is GridFS?

What is MongoDB Ops Manager?

What is MongoDB Cloud Manager?

What is MongoDB Stitch?

How does Sharding work with replication?

What happens when a Shard is down or slow when querying?

Can you explain 32-bit nuances in MongoDB?

What are NoSQL databases? What are the different types of NoSQL databases?

What kind of NoSQL database MongoDB is?

What is the difference between MongoDB and MySQL?

Can you explain Journaling work in MongoDB?

Why MongoDB is known as best NoSQL database?

What is the difference b/w MongoDB and CouchDB?

Can the old files in the ‘moveChunk’ directory be removed?

How long does replica set failover take?

How do I convert a property in MongoDB from text to date type?

What are the Cons of MongoDB?

Which languages can be used with MongoDB?

How is MongoDB better than other SQL databases?

Does MongoDB support foreign key constraints?

How do you see the connections used by Mongos?

Does MongoDB need a lot of RAM?

Explain the structure of ObjectID in MongoDB?

What are Indexes in MongoDB?

What is a covered query in MongoDB?

Why is a covered query important?

What is Aggregation in MongoDB?

Can you explain Storage Engine in MongoDB?

Is it required to call ‘getLastError’ to make a write durable?

What is Sharding in MongoDB?

What is Replication in MongoDB?

What is a Primary and Secondary Replica sets?

What is the role of profiler in MongoDB?

Why are MongoDB data files large in size?

Why MongoDB is not preferred over a 32-bit system?

Suppose, you remove a document from the database, does MongoDB remove it from disk?

What are alternatives to MongoDB?