ES6 Interview Questions and Answers (JavaScript)

ES6 Interview Questions

ES6 Interview Questions and Answers (JavaScript)

ES6-Javascript  Interview Questions and Answers for freshers & Experienced.

What is ES6?

What are the features of ES6?

What is WeakMap in ES6?

What is WeakSet?

What’sthe Navigator-specific methods used in ES6?

For More:

What is the use of pop() method?

What are the number methods in ES6?

Write a syntax export a single value or element in a Module?

Write a syntax export multiple values or elements in a Module?

Can you define location.replace()?

Can you define Alert Dialog Box?

What are iterators in ES6?

What are the error objects in ES6?

Write a creat Javascript class in ES6?

Can you explain Spread operator in ES6?

What is the ES6 Map feature?