Aurelia Interview Questions and Answers

Aurelia Interview Questions and Answers

Aurelia is a modern, open source UI framework for web and mobile app development. It allows you to write clean, modular JavaScript. The framework follows simple conventions and is focused on web standards.

Aurelia provides core capabilities like dependency injection, templating, routing and pub/sub, so you don’t have to piece together a bunch of libraries in order to build an application. On top of this rich core, Aurelia also provides a number of additional plugins for internationalization, validation, modal dialogs, UI virtualization and much more.

You also don’t have to cobble together a bunch of different tools. Aurelia provides a CLI for generating and building projects, a browser plugin for debugging and a VS Code plugin as well. Yet, you’re not forced to use any of these as Aurelia is structured to enable you to swap out any detail, even down to the templating/binding engine, in order to guarantee maximum flexibility.

What is Aurelia?

Why Aurelia?

What are the Features of Aurelia?

Explain Component Lifecycle of Aurelia?

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What does <body Aurelia¬app=src/main> Signifies?

Can you explain Event aggregator?

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What are the aurelia advantages and limitations?

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What are the Official Plugins?

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