PowerShell Interview Questions and Answers

PowerShell Interview Questions and Answers

PowerShell is automation platform and scripting programming language. It is developed by Microsoft for windows server and system administration solution. In addition, Windows PowerShell has a rich expression parser and a fully developed scripting language. So in simple words you can complete all the tasks that you do with GUI and much more. Windows PowerShell Scripting is a fully developed scripting language and has a rich expression parser Microsoft also offers an Azure-specific version of PowerShell, now available as Azure PowerShell 1.0, as well as PowerShell Direct, which enables system administrators to run PowerShell commands remotely in the guest OS of a virtual machine (VM) with zero configuration and without needing to worry about security policies, firewall configurations and the host networking configuration.

What is PowerShell?

What are the powershell execute types of commands?

What are the key characteristics of PowerShell?

In PowerShell what does variables holds?

Explain the significance of brackets in PowerShell?

What does it mean cmdlet’s?

Explain PowerShell Loop?

Explain can you create PowerShell scripts for deploying components in SharePoint?

Explain about the Powershell comparison operators?

What is Azure PowerShell?

Explain PowerShell pipeline is used for?

Explain PowerShell get-command?

Explain with an example how you can map a network drive in PowerShell?

What are the three ways that PowerShell uses to ‘Select’?

What is the function of Get-ServiceStatus in PowerShell?

What PowerShell Scripting is?

What is the use of hash table in PowerShell?

What is the use of Array in PowerShell?

What is the command that can be used to get all child folders in a specific folder?

How you can convert the object into HTML?

How you can rename a variable?

What is the function of input variable?

What is the code to find the name of the installed application on the current computer?

How you can find in PowerShell that all the SQL services are on one server?

What is the best way to find all the sql services on one server?

Which class can help us identify whether the mc is 32 bit or 64?

What is Variable Interpolation?