Hadoop Interview Question and Answers

Hadoop Interview Question and Answers

Hadoop is an Apache open source software frame work for distributed storage and distributed data processing of very large data sets on computer clusters constructed from commodity hardware. It is written in Java language. Hadoop is designed to scale up from single server to thousands of machines, each imparting local computation and storage. Hadoop is master a slave architecture where master comes to a decision on who should what and slave will do the real the work s and file to master. Hadoop is particularly used in Facebook, twitter, Amazon, yahoo and telecom.

Top Hadoop Interview Question and Answers: Below, we have covered detailed answers to the Hadoop Interview Questions Which will be helpful to freshers and experienced Professionals. All the best for your interview Preparation.


What is Hadoop?

Why use Hadoop?

What is InputSplit in Hadoop?

How many InputSplits is made by a Hadoop Framework?

What is Hadoop MapReduce?

What is Hadoop Streaming?

What kind of Hardware is best for Hadoop?

How Hadoop MapReduce works?

What is NameNode in Hadoop?

What is JobTracker in Hadoop?

How many daemon processes run on a Hadoop cluster?

What are the functionalities of JobTracer?

What is a NameNode?

What is a datanode?

What is TaskTracker?

How JobTracker assign tasks to the TaskTracker?

What happens when a datanode fails?

What are the most common input formats defined in Hadoop?

What are the actions followed by Hadoop?

What is heartbeat in HDFS?

What is a Combiner?

What is Speculative Execution?

What are the basic parameters of a Mapper?

What is the function of MapReducer partitioner?

What is difference between an Input Split and HDFS Block?

What is WebDAV in Hadoop?

What is sqoop in Hadoop?

What is Sequencefileinputformat?

What does the Conf.setMapper Class do?

What is the purpose of RecordReader in Hadoop?

What is Distributed Cache in Hadoop?

How did you debug your Hadoop code?

Which directory does Hadoop install to?

Where are Hadoop’s configuration files located and list Them?